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I'm Vincent- a Black and Transmasc self-taught Illustrator and Graphic Novelist that enjoys themes of vintage opulence, glamour adverts, summer memories, sensuality, and thrillers nestled in the idea of persona.  

Currently I'm writing and illustrating a webcomic/Graphic Novel retelling of The Great Gatsby

I'd love to illustrate for more Product Advertisements, Film/Band Posters, and Book/Comic Covers.


Black Josei Press

Into The Motherlands (TTRPG)

The Washington Post 

Cosmic Magazine

House of Aama


Classics But Gay III Zine

Gallant and True Arthurian Zine

BatFam Zine- Batman inspired Charity Zine

Old-Fashioned Lover Boys-A Queen Charity Zine

Big Cats-Big Cat Charity Zine


Fusion Pop Up. 09/08/2019

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